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Electric Vehicle Charging System

Everyone will be driving electric...are you ready?

Electric Vehicle Charging System Infrastructure

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Everyone will be driving electric. It's inevitable as more EV models become available and their amazing value, performance and clean operation is realized. The critical enabler is electric vehicle charging systems. We are an engineering firm that focuses on EV charging stations (EVCS) in Toronto and the GTA and we would be happy to help you get started.

We use our knowledge to help our clients identify the best path forward to plan, design, and oversee the installation of the EV charging infrastructure in buildings that were not constructed with EV charging in mind. And we offer guidance towards ongoing management of the smart chargers since establishing a new EVCS network is merely the beginning.

Adding this amenity to your condo not only serves the owners who wish to drive electric, but it also sets you apart from your neighbours, like having a swimming pool or tennis courts. And there is ZEVIP (Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program) funding available from the federal government to provide up to half the costs for designing and constructing networked electric vehicle charging systems. But there is limited surplus power from your electric utility to support EV charging, so sooner is better.

Allow us to help you assess your site conditions and engineer your electric vehicle charging infrastructure solution for now and for the future. We are EmPowering the inevitable!

Solar PV Systems

Solar PV Systems

We provide for Distributed Energy Resources:
  • Project planning
  • Workflow assessment
  • Site analysis
  • System design
EV Charging Infrastructure

EV Charging Infrastructure

We also take care of these essentials:
  • Grid connectivity
  • Project management
  • Documentation
  • Training
Battery Energy Storage

Battery Energy Storage

And we advise for the long-term:
  • Operational support
  • System optimization
  • Operating metrics
  • Big data analytics
Solar Battery EV

Meet ElectroGeneSys

Our Story


ElectroGeneSys was created to provide services that engineer and optimize the operation of Distributed Energy Resources: Solar PV, Battery Energy Storage and EV Charging Infrastructure. We currently operate within the province of Ontario. Our services include site assessments, system designs, construction oversight, utility engagement, project financial review, commissioning and training. We then advise on analytics services to minimize operating costs, provide metrics and optimize the performance of operational systems.
Our Vision


Our vision is to fulfill client solutions with the time-sensitive and cost-effective establishment of successful innovative systems through experience, synergies and a holistic approach. This varies based on client type and will include support for consumer, commercial, fleet, network operation, government and utility domains. The underlying forces at work are the layers of stakeholders and funding opportunities in this rapidly evolving technology ecosystem. We nurture ongoing relationships to provide operational support and optimization since installing the energy infrastructure is merely the beginning.


We apply electrical engineering principles for feasibility assessments and infrastructure designs, including adherence to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and the use of AutoCAD for electrical design drawings and technical analysis to define scope, cost and gain approval for infrastructure projects. Ultimately, we advise on software tools to manage and optimize the operation of our clients' distributed energy resources, whether they involve EV charging, Solar PV local power generation or Battery Energy Storage. Knowledge plus control is true Power!

Integrated Systems

Tesla Home System
Charging Map

We provide solutions for the creation and optimization of innovative integrated energy systems.

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