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Company Profile

ElectroGeneSys was conceived in January 2021 as a focused professional services company to provide local engineering services for the deployment of electric vehicle charging systems (EVCS) in the Greater Toronto Area. The services include site assessments, system designs and construction oversight to establish fully commissioned systems. Similar services are available for solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation and battery energy storage systems (BESS) deployments, either independently or as integrated solutions. These systems all belong to the Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) space and are vital to our country’s cleantech initiatives.

The Founder

EGS is spearheaded by Mike Gerrard, P.Eng., Founder and President (the Founder). A graduate of University of Toronto's prestigious Engineering Science program, Mike Gerrard, P.Eng. has been a licensed member of Professional Engineers Ontario since May 1998. He is a "technology catalyst," with the project management, technical, and leadership skills to drive major projects from concept to completion.

In 2016, Mike joined the Belanger Engineering executive team as Senior Manager of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services with a focus on building systems for high-rise apartments and condominiums plus commercial and industrial upgrades.

Prior to that, he worked in the telecom industry for much of his career with a focus on planning and engineering, provisioning process, design standards, and tool development for national long distance, data and wireless networks. His strengths are in performing in-depth analyses, creative design and business development.

Mike Gerrard

Mike gained invaluable experience as manager of Sprint Canada’s Infrastructure Engineering group, responsible for all space, power and cabling expansions for a national network including site design, security, fire detection and suppression, power, HVAC, equipment racking, outside plant fibre optic cable builds, and inside premise cable management. As a leader, he believes in empowering his team to meet all project goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.


There is an escalating need for EV charging infrastructure to support what is becoming a rapidly growing industry. One of the greatest barriers to committing to Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) is range anxiety. This concern will be addressed by steadily increasing the density of public fast charger locations and providing charging at workplaces and where people live. The introduction of new EV models will enable the electrification of fleets for commerce, deliveries and transit.

Project deployments involve a funding mix of commercial commitments, government incentives and personal investments, depending on the type of stakeholders. This offers attractive returns on investments for clients, particularly given total cost of ownership (TCO) benefits in this new paradigm. The professional services (Pro-Serve) that EGS provides in fulfilling clients' needs include defining power capacity and distribution requirements in feasibility studies for each use case, designing systems with AutoCAD drawings and specifications for tender, engaging local electric utilities for co-ordination and service upgrades, project managing installations, contract administration and project closeout with commissioning, documentation, training and advice on operational support.

Pro-Serve Offerings

Engineering services that support the deployment of EVCS infrastructure include the following:
  • Provide feasibility studies based on existing power availability and site configuration
  • Review processes and develop workflow for use cases
  • Develop technical overview to capture project scope
  • Provide electrical CAD drawings for approval by electric utility and Electrical Safety Association (ESA)
  • Liaise with local electric utility with load projections and grid inter-connection design and application
  • Co-ordinate with ESA for electrical plan approval and final inspection
  • Provide project management: organize stakeholders; conduct field reviews and issue reports
  • Oversee commissioning and training
  • Finalize documentation and as-built drawings
  • Provide ongoing operational support


Driving Ontario to the forefront of green technology, then beyond.

Enabling the engineering, installation and effective operation of DERs (Distributed Energy Resources) through innovative design, oversight and ongoing operational support.

We are focused exclusively on Cleantech to help Ontario meet its carbon reduction goals and provide a better quality of life for all, while improving local energy security and the user experience.


The EGS mission is simple and clear: EmPowering the inevitable.

Everyone will be driving electric — are you ready? Charging infrastructure is critical for EV adoption and will synergize with deploying other Distributed Energy Resources, disrupting tradition: a genesis of new electrical systems... ElectroGeneSys.

Each client will commit time and money towards the purchase and installation of their DER system. The Founder knows that every project requires planning with future scalability in mind and implementation through well co-ordinated partnerships to meet expectations of cost, schedule and performance.


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